This Light


This light

comforts me,

keeps me

safe and warm,

and wards off

the enemy

that seeks me,

gives me

shelter from the storm.

I will follow it

to the stone.

one that solid place

I will build

my home.

I’ve been falling,


all alone.

I was found

and now,

I am strong.


This light

hunts me,

exposes me,

keeps me


of everything.



A soulless thing

that keeps me




the meaning


all of this.


It suffuses

this world.


like the mind

of a torturer.

Why can’t it just

leave me alone?

I’ve run so far

I’m on my own.

The darkness

is my only home,

the place

where I belong.


This light,

just shines.

It is up to me

to decide

if I’m

oppressed by

it’s luminescence,

or if by

this light

I will

be liberated.

It’s up to me

to decide

on which side

of this light

I will find

my life.


This light,

it shines

and will be bright

long after me

and my eyes

shut tight

and I’m gone

to wherever we go.


This light

came before


when we were just


and amino acids.


This light

will exist

long after we are gone.

It’s up to me

to decide

which side

of this light

I am on.



HG – 2021

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