Comms Check


Are we

learning to speak again?

Are the sounds

and the gestures

beginning to make sense?

Some kind of language

from what we abandoned?

We had ideas,

but they were used

against us all.


Even our words

became needles,

became knives,

became bullets and bombs

and tore our soft bodies

apart in our homes.


When was there anything more

than this charnel house

of nouns and adjectives?

When did we have thoughts

that weren’t used

to disembowel our enemies?


I thought we dreamed

in colors

and of places we would go,

but instead,

we sold our minds

to feed our eyes and egos.

Nevermind the words,

they would never matter

if no one’s listening.


Is the tinnitus

because of the war,

or is it just because

of the high pitched whine

of our communications,

near field, 5G,

WIFI and radiation?


We’re downloadable,

by hackers

that breach the mainframe,

but we can’t jailbreak


out of this insane



Better we didn’t know

the future,

or what they put in our DNA.

Is it a code?

Are we hackable,

like a social credit score?


Where do we go

when all of the words

have been used to kill?

How would the world

be better,

if we could kill

with thoughts alone?


Suicide is commonplace

is a world

where no one’s listening

and the cries of the abandoned

don’t get clicks,

or sympathy.


We’re adolescent,


burning out too soon.

Can we survive the dawn

of this new civilization?

Will we have words left

to describe it

to the children

of our afternoon?


Are we through

with trying

to communicate

with each other

at all?

I’ll think I’ll let

my voice explode

and see

where the words fall.



HG – 2021

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