Base Camp


Taking in

the journey gone,

the miles made,

so far,

so long.

I am tired,

but I am not yet



Maybe I’ve been broken

by the trail,


there’s no maybe

about it.

I’ve lost love,

lost Faith,

lost my mind

on my way

to the foot

of this mountain.


The path lead here,

another campfire,

staring up at this

daunting monolith.

Asking myself,

“Is this the one

you die on?”


I don’t care.

This hill’s

as good as any other

and I

don’t have it in me

to turn back.

If I did,

I wouldn’t even know

which way to go.

My only way is up.


So, in the morning,

I’m gonna make some breakfast,

sip a cup of coffee,

and when the light is right,

I’ll start ascending.


I see a few possible lines

and I’ve

asked around a little bit.

Others have made this climb;

some succeeded,

some didn’t.

Some gave their lives.


I’m not sure

what I’ll find

at the top,

or on the other side.

All I know

is that I won’t be

what I left behind.



HG – 2021

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