Vanity,  vanity;

all is vanity,

tragedy and calamity.

How is this happening?

We’re losing our humanity.

Did we choose the cure,

or the malady?


Watching the devils

drive the wedges in,

thinking all this

could begin again.

Falling into another

deadly sin.



or Gluttony?


Take it all

and burn what’s left.

Spread the ashes

on your chest.

Use the blood

to paint your face.

A future timeline

has been erased.


We couldn’t let it

come to pass.

Things are far too


and we need you

dumb and dying

to the last.

We’re bringing back

the caste.


Vanity, vanity;

all is vanity.

Violence and profanity.

Fire and anarchy.

This is the mark

of a planet

that granted

the crown

to a fallacy.


This world is insanity.


There’s killers in our midst

and they’re after your kids.

The slave boats must be filled.

The demons make the deals.

Our hearts will fail and flag,

our muscles will dissolve,

our minds will be corrupt,

and all mankind will fall.


Vanity, vanity;

all is vanity.


and calamity.



HG – 2021

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