Something more

than what we were.

A brilliant star

in a spiral galaxy.

Reaching out

to touch the fingers

of another.


Perfect birth

and perfect destruction.

None of these things

happens by accident.

When you tell me

“It’s time.”

I’m inclined to believe you.

Nothing in your vibration

speaks a lie.


We are reaching out.


we are standing

at the center,

trying to change

the universe




we destroy

will only be

built up again.

The hands of men

tend to bend

to order.



we build

will be


in time;



or anger.


Some might see

freedom in neglect,

but they are merely


of their own

childish desires

and failings.



is the end state,

so love

must be

a deliberate act.


There are only

so many reasons

we’ll reach out

to touch fire.



HG – 2021

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