Word Magic


Words never capture the moment,

can’t describe the movement,

or hold the emotion.

They are just symbols

on a page

that make our brains

create connections.

Creatures of neurochemistry,

only as complicated

as we make it.

All along our minds

we draw the lines

between one space-time

and another.


Can I

truly give you

an experience?

Can I make your mind

grow new synapses?

Can I make you more

than what you were

when you discovered me,

here in this form

light or physical?

I guess

I’ll never know,

but I wonder;

would it hurt

to try

making a connection

to your mind

with mine?


If the medium

is the message,

and the message

is the art,

and the art

is the creator,

and the creator

is a pulse,

and the pulse

is a beating heart,

and the heart

keeps alive the mind,

and the mind

is a quantum machine

that can exist

in multiple dimensions;

then can you


what I am seeing

right now?



HG – 2021

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