Sharing Lovers


How do I get in

to you,

like you have

gotten into me?

Caught you hiding

in my dreams.

You drew me out

and I

wasn’t sure

they were my dreams



How did you know

to call?

Did you hear my voice,

a distant echo

off some

mausoleum wall?

You said my name

at the perfect moment.


How could all of this

be anything but

some arrangement?

A shadow that lies

across many lives,

tying us together

as surely as a crime;

as surely as murder.


Are you walking around

in my head

right now?

Does your universe


with my own?

We are two

very separate beings

in this world.

What is this

strange circumstance

that seems to bring us

more than together?


It’s like

sharing lovers,

but we’re

somehow in

each other’s


I close my eyes

and there you are.

I open them

and you are back again.

How did you get in?

Did I leave

a window open?



HG – 2021

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