Do you regret

giving in?

Does it make you wonder

how the world would be

if you’d

been just a little stronger

and not needed

so badly

to be loved?

Scared of the fear

of exclusion,

you made your choice

and took your place

amongst the ranks

of the comforted,

and marched to the beat

of their drum.


Does it make you sad?

Did you even like the song?


Isn’t it

so strange

that we can be

so easily



I can see

the look in your eyes change,

as you see the next wave coming in,

and you realize,


that you’ve played along

so far,

that you can’t stop playing

this game,



You gave your consent

for them to do

whatever they want.


You’re gonna find it

in your heart

to hate.

The deal with the devil

that you made,

gave them your permission

to play

you and I



How does it feel

to sell your soul?

How does it feel

to yield control?

How does it feel

to lay there and take it,

while telling yourself

“It’s gonna be alright.”?



HG – 2021

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