Selecting a Font


The story of my life,

contents kept,

story told,

nothing left.

Melancholy at the lows

and hilarity

when exposed.

A knife edge

tension grows,

then breaks

and we laugh

until our bodies ache.


The plot lines

all described.

Characters live and die.

Edited and analyzed,

stripped down

for another re-write.

But, what font

describes the pain?

What typesetting

best imprints

my brain upon the page?



a little bit insane.

Why do so many


look the same?


What capitalization

best  befits

the story of my life?

What lowercase

will guide the eye

along up to the heights,

and still be clear

when they are tears

in the eyes

as I fall down low.

Still a few hundred

fonts to go.


Which letters

look serious enough

to tell the tale?

Which leave space

for humor

in the places where I fail?

I need something


something honest,

something you will understand.

Fuck it.

I’ve got it.


Comic Sans



HG – 2021

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