I keep finding myself


in another one

of your mysteries.

looking around

at all things,


Just when I think

I’ve got it figured out,

I turn my head

and I am lost again.


No one said,

it would be easy.

No one said,

you get the gains for free.

No one said,

the painting is the picture

that you see

and not what lies

deeper beneath.


We are such strange creatures.

It’s as if

we crave

the way it feels

to be lost

in a world of deceit.

We build up around us

cities of concrete

and then yearn

for the chaos

of the wild

and design

our next escapes.


I keep losing myself

in your

constant contradictions,

elusive evolutions,

mysterious ways,

in which

each act of the play


Truth be told,

I’m grateful to be alive

in such interesting times.



in this

new mystery,

the way

the characters are cast

just makes no sense.

The plot,

impossible to follow,

but only at first,

until the next

twist is revealed.


I am forever


or at least

I am never bored,


in your world

of mysteries.



HG – 2021

One thought on “Mysteries

  1. Nice one, mysterious people can be very interesting indeed but some times that sense of being drawn to that can be frightening too.
    Have a great weekend. 🤗Joni

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