How do I answer

the nagging question

of you?


Used to think

that worlds

would be so simple,

but you have been

confounding me

all along the way.


Moment to moment

I encounter you


In between the seconds

I detect you

rambling in the darkness,

like pure madness.


One day exposed.

The next disguised.

One day, “Hope.”

The next day, “Die.”





and somehow,

I’m supposed to

navigate you?


I am so confused.


Simple is a system.

Complex is an organism,

that does what it wants

instead of forcing a condition.

Clever as they come,

but it knows it is

and doesn’t listen.

Doing what it does

and doesn’t fit

with conventional wisdom.


My ignorance is exposed.

My soul laid bare.

Trying to decipher you

leaves me wasted.


Not a creature

of the ground,

but you don’t seem

to need the sea.

You eyes

drift up to the sky,

as if there’s somewhere

you’re supposed to be.


I wish you made sense,

but if you did,

you wouldn’t be




HG – 2021

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