Child-Like Me


I know you did your best

with what you had.

you took my innocence

and I am glad.

You gave me life,

you taught me fear,

and that’s all that I have left,

now that you’re not here.


Such is the inheritance

of a child-like me.

Moved on,


Lived as necessary.



by every thing

I found seductive.


Along the way,

I’ve found

that Hell

isn’t really

so far down.


it’s right beside you.


imagine this;

child-like me

staring in a mirror

at the man that I’ve become,

knowing the damage

that I’ve done

was just something

you set in motion

a long time ago.


After all this time

that thin skin

of my scars

still shines,

and that child-like me,

so full of fear,

is oddly equipped

to deal with the world,

right here,

right now.


So strange to find out

that the trauma

of the past

could somehow

prepare someone

to outlast

a world gone mad.


Child-like me

has been living

with insanity

for a long, long time.



HG – 2021

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