I’m coming home

from far out on the edge.

It’s been too long,

I can’t keep leaving

again and again.

I can’t be a ghost

when you need a friend.

I can’t be

who I’m supposed to be

with only memories

in my head.


Left seeking something

that I thought I’d find

out there.

Turns out everything

I needed was right here.

I climbed mountains,

sailed the oceans,

looked up at the stars

and wished

we weren’t so far apart.


I studied religions,

and fought in wars,

and learned that

there is nothing

on this Earth

worth dying for,

but there are

a few good reasons

to live.

I’m coming home

to see you



I see you left

the porch light on

every day

since I’ve been gone.

While I was searching

for a vision

to make this

existence clear,

you were always

right here.


I think I found the thing

I sought

after all.

Some strange fortune

brought me back

to call upon your door

once more.

A wanderer

that found a way

back home.



HG – 2021

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