Sins of Summer


Seeking the warmth

of the autumn sun,

knowing very soon

winter  will come,

but in this season

where we usually forget,

it feels like we’re holding on

to the sins of summer.


I remember your smiling face,

I remember your kind eyes,

but I also remember

when you turned them

so easily into weapons

just to get what you want.

You are kind,

but you’re a traitor

and this year I’m finding it

harder to let go

of all of our

sins of summer.


I turned to go,

but you begged me to stay.

I asked you to change

in ways that made you think

I really cared.

We made it through May,

but when August came,

I was ready to go,

as you had already given me

everything I ever wanted.

I’m a vampire in my way;

the worst kind of friend

and I don’t care if you forgive me

when September ends.

I just hope we can learn

to live with

the sins of summer.


We set ourselves up in our minds

as people we would like to be,

but we are heinous,


it’s obvious

that we just want to be

and feel what we want,

confirm our biased minds,

like gravity we fall

into those patterns, every time.

It’s a lot to change,

not like the seasons do.

We still stay the same,

we say we’re gonna find a way

to some new point of view,

but we retain

the sins of summer.



HG – 2021

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