Disassembly Required


It’s a fine line

between getting there

and not getting there at all.

Life’s a spectrum,

mostly just

“Survive or die”,

but there’s a lot of ways

to stop living.


Set your mind on yesterday

and try to take all that weight

into tomorrow.

You aren’t built to hold

that kind of payload.


The strain

will make you shake

and you’ll hear yourself break,

but in the moment

it will seem like

you’re standing outside of yourself.


Looking out on a graveyard

of smashed ambitions.

Bodies of those who tried

their damnedest to make it,

and they carried

all their crimes with them.

All their memories

lie strewn in a field

of wreckage.



you have to break down.

Listen to that rattle

in the chassis.

Something’s coming loose.

Something’s gonna go down

if the frame

doesn’t get some attention.




letting it all cool down

and settle.


Start taking it apart

piece by piece,

until you find the problem.


Get it fixed,



and get back on the road,

with your mind at peace.



we need to break down

on our own,

before life makes us.



HG – 2021

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