That Night


Take me back to that night

we explored the darkness

and its subtleties tried to hold us,

caress us and enfold us.

Was it magic,

or was it merely

a hallucination

that dragged us up

out of ourselves?


The wide sky,

brightly scattered stars

told us the story

of our lives

and we cried

at the tragedies,

laughed at the comedies,

but we didn’t see

the lights

moving behind the clouds.


I think this was the night

we found out

who we are to forever bound

and we are really here


on the ground.


We listened to the sounds

of the coyote howl,

the bull elk bugle

in the rut.

Lights flashed before our eyes

and you and I

were connected for all time.


There is so much we learned

from our silly little rituals,

and now we’ve turned

into different individuals,

but we burned down

any walls

between us

and these other worlds.


I see the stars are out,

shining lights

behind the clouds.

I know that you’re out there,


looking around.

I know you feel it giving out.

The fabric tears where it’s worn.

We’re beyond the shadow of a doubt,

what we’ve learned

was how to heed a warning.

That night,

back then.



HG – 2021

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