Old Spiders


I was told once

that old spiders,

before they die,

get so full of venom,

they lose their minds.

Instinct slowly overrides

and they start looking

for something to bite.


Big, mean, and aggressive.

So, I guess my question is,

when are you gonna

come down off your web

and start trying

to inject the venom in?


See you’ve been waiting

your whole life,

playing nice,

but now it’s almost over,

you’re out of time.

Might as well die

trying to be a legend.

Don’t give a fuck

if anyone is offended.


Discard the lessons

and just

bite down.

Let all that poison out.

You’ll feel

so much better,

now that you’ve shown them

how you’re made.


Reject your better self.

You know it all comes down

to how you’re remembered,

or if you’re remembered at all.

It seems to be so right,

with that venom in your mind,

that you are being kind

by letting it all out.


I was told once,

that old spiders don’t hunt,

they go insane

with all the venom

built up in their blood.

Throw off survival, now.

They know they’re going out

and they’ll bite anything

that happens by their mouths.


So I guess,

my only question

for you is;

when are you

gonna come down

off your web

and try

to inject the venom in?



HG – 2021

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