A Promise to the Dreaming



barely more than a whisper.

Eyes closed still,

are you dreaming?

Rapid eyes

tell me you

are somewhere else right now.


Where will you be

when you wake up?

What kind of world

will you occupy?

Ranging from comforting

to torturous,

could anyone

really be




is escaping your lips.

It sounds like words,

but I can’t identify

the language.

Maybe your brain

is mixing up

the signals,

or maybe

you’re in some other place.


I just sit here, waiting,


that the world

you will wake up to

will try you

in ways

you can never imagine

and I just want you

to be prepared

and able to handle

anything that comes your way.


I cannot be

your guardian angel

when you close

your eyes.

I cannot go with you

to the other side.

I will be there

in the moments

in your life

when you might

need me the most,

that’s why I’ll

prepare you, now.


You might hate me,

but you will survive

when you wake up.



HG – 2021

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