Call a Friend


Speak to me,

I need to hear you.

Wherever you are,

just speak the words.

You summon me,

then banish me

just as quickly,

but even the pain

of resurrection

is better than silence.


I know you’re out there,

hurt and yearning

for something.

These strange times

are enough to break


Even the strong,

even the weakest of us

need someone.


Call me.

I am here,

aching to hear you.

Give me a sign,

a reason to believe

you’re alive.

The digital ghost

on your phone

has no soul

and no light.

I need to hear

the words from your lips,

the vibration,

the timbre.


changes the world.


Call me.

Speak to me.

Listening to the voice

inside your head

is dangerous,

and recently

you’ve been hearing

darker things,

whispers in your mind

that weren’t there before.

They make you think

that it’s okay

to dwell on darkness

and violence.


Speak to me,

even if I’m not around.

Say my name,

and I’ll come to you.

I would never refuse you.

I am yours

and you are mine,

and you know that this is true;

I won’t leave you.


If you need me,

just call,

because, I need you.



HG – 2021

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