Flowers for the Dead


What more could I

possibly ask of you?

You’ve given me everything

that I could have wanted.

Slowly slid into dystopia,

hiding nothing from me

in your shadow.


I asked you

for the secret

the first time we met.

You didn’t have to tell me,

but you played along with it.

Smiled when you felt

the feeling

crawl across your skin;

you knew I felt the same.


I have lived

a few thousand days,

though maybe

there were none as strange.

Broke open a bottle

of painful memories

and gave each other

what we truly wanted.


What more could you

possibly ask of me?

I’ve given you everything

that you ever wanted.

Hold me close to your

cold skin

and watch the sun go down on

another Armageddon.


Whisper to me

another little secret.

All this time

and I still feel excitement,

touching you,

your shadow,

your darkness.


What more could we give

each other?

We’ve already given each other

the world.



HG – 2021

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