this day,

this life,

and where it leads.

So many



Roads that go,

graced by light,


Thrones of gold

offered by

my enemies.


I can hear the wind blow.

I can feel the storm surge,

making me second guess

my plan

to capture it with words.

Thinking I

should get a net

and maybe then

I won’t forget them

before they get to my pen.


My mind’s a strange place,

but I remain


All of this describes to me

a world beyond

what I can see,

pages more to read.


Even though

I am afraid

of losing what I’ve made,

who I love,

so I tell them every day.


These words

are temporary,

but with luck

they’ll outlast me.

No one to pass

my life on to,

so, I

will give it for free.

Maybe I can pass along

my curiosity.


someone will read

my words

and wonder after me.



HG – 2021

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