Reality is Staged


So curious.

How much of this

is preordained

for us?

Nothing is obvious,

except the dreadful

ministrations behind the scenes.


Breaking from the natural order,

one might think

we see ourselves

greater than creation,

and it appears

we hold ourselves

in that very regard.


Looking out,

you and I

only see each other

and the stage

as it is set,

and not behind.

If we see

something wrong

with the set decoration,

we’re told

that we have problems

with our eyes.


If I

interpret the story

being told

a different way than you,

then you are told

to destroy me

for holding an abhorrent

point of view.


You wear your politics

like a second skin tone,

absolving you of all your sins,

but you’re as wrong

and faulted as the rest of us,

you’ve just found a way

to burrow in.

You try to hide yourself,

while feeding on a host;

that you deny exists.


You would change your colors

in a second,

if the social climate called for it.

You’re such a piece of shit.

Rat running to a maze,

digging your own grave;

a lie,

told in a costume,

on a stage.


So curious,

how much of this

is preordained?



HG – 2021

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