Identify the breadth and scope,

blinders off and eyes wide open.

Take away designer shades,

eliminate the medication.

Rather we were there than here,

blame our fate on their religion.

Nothing cannot be achieved

clinging to procrastination.


There is





from just beyond your reach.



and consciousness

than you have yet to perceive.


What if you aren’t yourself?

Just a miasma

of contradictions,

personality disorders,

inspirational quotes

and drug addictions.

Habits have you forced

to fitting in

to someone else’s vision.


Have you ever opposed yourself?

Have you ever dreamed of winning?

There is something else,

just look around,

just look away.

There is so much more to you

than you realize today.

The whole universe is your potential,

every star knows your name.


The consequence

of staying trapped

inside this life

is never really existing.

Our fate is not

that we

have too much

expected of us,

but that,

we regress,


too little

is thought of us.


We kill ourselves

trying to live a lie.

Open your eyes,

step outside;

there are no limits to your life.



HG – 2021

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