Duty Calls


This is just another morning,

one that I hope becomes the day

that I find the strength to tell you

that I’m going away.

It’s been a long time of us talking

wasting the hours in the day,

but I must confess

that my mind’s been elsewhere

and in good conscience, I cannot stay.


There’s a whole world of people

out there

and we’ve found something

that’s good,

but there’s so many

who struggle under tyranny,

so I feel I must do what I should.


I know I told you

I’d stay home,

I told you that I was done

with war,

but all of those scenes

that you see on the TV;

that’s what I was made for.


I see the tears in your eyes,

but behind them you know it’s true.

There’s evil out there

in the dark hearts of men,

and this thing I have to see through.

I know you’ll wait for me,

I’ll do my best

to make it back here,

home to you.


I’ll call when I can,

I know you understand.

That a man’s gotta do,

what a man’s gotta do,

while there’s still something

he can.

This place is our safety,

our comfort,

but comfort’s been what’s killing me.

So I made a call,

signed my name

and I’m back

in my old job next week.


I love you more

than anything in this world,

and this war will end for me.

I’ll be with you and the girls.

I’ll do what I can

to love you

the way that I know,

like the way that you love me,

when I tell you that I have to go.



HG – 2021

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