Buffalo Jump



are the patient.


is the serpent.


are the silent.

Deliver us

from the arrogant.


What was this supposed to be?

Some kind of science


What were your hypotheses?

Or, was the outcome

already determined?


And at

what cost?

I see the “Win” column

eating the “Lost”.

What did we gain?

I hear the fear

and the pain.


Did you put something

in our mouths

that made it so truth

cannot come out?

Did you do something

to our eyes

that made the truth

so hard to find?


Everything seems, now

to be turning on itself.

The family and the tribe,

broken and terrorized.

You played up our divides

and now we fear for our lives.

Can we stop this just in time,

or are we going




Did you do something

to our words,

that made it so

they can’t be heard?

Did you do something

to our hearts,

that made them cold

and granite hard?


Distrust has now replaced a smile.

A clenched fist has replaced a wave

and we all know what’s going down

if we continue on this way.


What have you done

to us?

We trusted you with our lives.

Now, we don’t know

if we’ll live through

the night.


We don’t know

if our neighbors

are sharpening their swords.

What kind of enemy

makes such a weapon

of their words?


Can we retreat

from the edge in time?

Or, are we all

going down



HG – 2021

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