Inside Voice


I’m not asking for much,

a few kind words,

a gentle touch.

I don’t know what

this life’s become,

but I’m still living here


I want answers

that are voices

in my head.

Like a cancer,

they keep growing

and all I get


of resolution

is more questions,

like they’re voices

of the dead

asking me why the world

doesn’t try to live

before it ends.


It’s not easy

looking around

and seeing what’s gone wrong.

Believe me,

I didn’t think that I

would last this long,

but now I’m here

and things appear

to burn right through the fear.

I see them clearly.


There are answers out there,

if we seek.

This whole world

might belong to the meek,

while the scared and arrogant

march us to war,

I hope that we remember

what we’re looking for.


The end will come,

we all will die,

no seas of blood will satisfy

the ones who place their gods on high

while playing dice with others lives.

No questioning,

the answer’s been

out in front of our faces this whole time.

We choose what we want to see

even when we’re blind.

The voices still ask questions

in my mind.


I’m only afraid

when they go quiet.



HG – 2021

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