A Little Help


Pushing this boulder up,

not knowing what

happens when I get it

to the top.

I thought

at first

I’d never make it.

I’ve got it moving now,

just a little bit of ground

at a time,

but in the back of my mind,

I’m picturing it coming down.


Plan to fail,

fail to plan.

Life is full of circumstances

we don’t’ understand.

Life’s a bitch,

ain’t it grand?

I can’t hold this boulder up

with just one hand.


Then I feel it

becoming lighter.

Am I stronger?

It may be so,

then I look to my left

and to my right

and I see

other people.


With one hand,

two hands,

one finger,

or their back,

helping me push

this thing to the top.

I understand,

that I was doomed

to start this task again,

but I have friends

stepping in

to help me see it through

until the end.


Pushing the boulder up.

Not sure what we’ll do

when we get to the top,

I bet we’ll enjoy the view.

I started this alone,

but I’ll only succeed

with good people

around me.

I’m less likely to get trapped

in Hell

with a little help.



HG – 2021

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