Apocalyptic Skies


These days

every game

is high stakes.

Every face

wears the pain

of our mistakes.

This place

is the same

as the next place.

Apocalyptic skies;

no escape.


So hard not to feel

oppressed under this

oppressive daylight.

So hard not to be

depressed during this

deep dive into night.


Lies strangle out the truth,

like vines that have taken root

in minds we used to look up to,

but now, we can’t believe their proof.


The world burns,

but this is known

as a burning season.

Reason used to be our being,

until everything became


Apocalyptic skies,

our eyes die

and we turn miserable.


I hear

the fear in every voice.

I hear

music in the noise.


calling us out,

to ready ourselves, now.


The time to join the game

draws nigh.

Under apocalyptic skies.

No one’s getting

out of here


but we are built

to survive.


So let the days come

as they might.

As long as we breathe,

we will fight.

A burning world

will set our souls alight,

under these

apocalyptic skies.



HG – 2021

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