The Boatman



beget affliction.

Long drawn,

the final payment comes.

Reassured you’ll meet

The Boatman.

He’ll check hard

on your credit, Son.


No avail,

the name of “Progress”.

it was a lie

upon your tongue.

Written in the Book

every discretion;

they’ll judge you

on the monster you’ve become.


He won’t speak your name,

only beckon you

with a skeleton hand,

to board the last ride

you’ll ever know.

The curious persuasion

that calls us

all down

to watch you go.


Wave “Good-bye”.

We’re all lined up

on the shore,

watching you join

The Boatman

for a ride

to the world below.


We never knew

that you had paid

in advance

for that ride

with your soul.

That black river runs

to the place

where the damned

all go.



HG – 2021

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