Main Character


You are not

at all

how I created you.

Wrote you down,

just an idea

in my head.

Supposed to be

functional and linear,

following a projected


Little did I know

you’d seek for something

that I had not yet

given you.


When did I create

in you


When did I give you

free will?

Here we are

and now,

as I write,

I feel like I know you

more and more,

but I seem to have

less and less control.


I never knew you

would ever be

another being.

Now all I do

is create conditions

for you to live.

Not like the falling

of a million stars,

you grow

until your tale

has been told;

and so,

the whole world

is changed.


I imagine you

and wonder if you

imagine me?

Did you know

that you did not exist

before the scene

when I introduced you,

and now you go

into the world

before me.

I don’t know you,

but I know you see me.

We’re both




HG – 2021

2 thoughts on “Main Character

  1. Beautifully said. Characters have a mind of their own outside ours—nothing ever happens as we originally planned it with them. They are stubborn like that! I also like the thought if they think about us too… That’s intriguing to me. 😀

    1. I think in this case, I started thinking about how we sometimes cast ourselves as the “Main Character” in our own lives. We “write ourselves in” so to speak from time to time, when it suits us.

      Of course, the piece evolved from there to other, more paternalistic overtones, and ideas of creator/created, but the story has to be seen through someone’s eyes. It has to be experienced to be related, or there is no story.

      Thank you very much for commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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