Free Will


Through no fault of your own

you tumbled down a hill,

pushed by your circumstances.

Maybe it was not your fault,

but it was your choices.


Who determines what we are?

What decides who we become?

Change is a dream,

as surely

as rising out of poverty.


Blessed are the poor in spirit,

Blessed are the lame,

Blessed are those who hunger,

they aren’t ever caught up in the game

of politics and power,

but it’s with their lives they pay

for the choices of madmen

that they cannot escape.


We are all bound by our choices,

we are trapped by our birth,

and it is up to us to make Heaven

out of this Hell on Earth.


Revere not the wise man,

he is just a fool,

who learned of making choices

and you can make them, too.


Just listen to the voice

that lives inside of you,

it’s quiet in the daylight,

but at night it’s calling you.


To look into your soul

and face the demons there,

to fight them and defeat them,

this life was never fair.


It’s always been a battle,

it’s always been a war,

that comes here to destroy us,

but that’s what


are for.


Free will in the trigger

for the weapon of your heart.

your mind is just the gunsight

so, aim it high and far.


If you’re down at the bottom

of a mountain white with snow,

then raise your eyes

and go.

The choice is always yours.



HG – 2021

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