Bringing it up

to the surface


I see your eyes fill

and flow.

Artisan well

dammed up

with small fingers.

I’ll do all I can

to make it right

for you.

You are

my purpose.


Living is a system.

A little neglect

goes further

than one might think,

and abuse

harms even the abuser,

but you already have

a chronic disconnect

from honesty.

They’re really coming, now.


All my apologies

will never be enough.

We’ll float away,

but only if

we are accountable.

No reliving

old fights,

no disgrace,

or humiliation;

just a genuine connection

and care,

and we are floating



Feel what you need

to feel.

No one can stop

the rain.

We will rejoice

that we are here

to feel it

roll down our cheeks.


Open your heart

and let a little light in.

Maybe your eyes

will dry

in time,

but until then;

feel what you need to feel

and we will make our way

to where the Sun shines.



HG – 2021

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