Heart of Chaos


Being in

the chaos

of the storm,

no other part of me

survives until tomorrow,

relishing an execution. 

Shrapnel and suicides,

concussions and grenades,

this war is just in my mind,

but I’m taking it out today.


Suffering in silence

is so boring.

What about

sharing it with a crowd?

I’m only warranting

another strong prognosis,

looking out for myself.


We are such strange creatures,

so easy,

we run and hide,

but given

the right incentives

and we’ll run

into the fire

and laugh about the bullets.


So strange,

it’s like we’re made

to thrive in chaos.

Our bodies

and our minds

slowly heal.


What do we become

when all is said and done?

How does it feel

to be real

in the heart of destruction.



HG – 2021

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