Cliff Diver


Climbing a waterfall.

All slick rocks,

and wet moss,

and at first

it seems so easy.

Standing on the ground.

Strong earth beneath

feels good,

a strong connection.

 Find hand holds

and push and pull.

Off on another adventure.

Climbing up,

and somewhere I lose

a secure connection.

In the roar of the falls.

Nothing left under me,

but rocks and God.

I turn my eyes up

and keep finding places

to put my hands and feet. 

Every move a faith.

Holding on

and then pushing away.

Hand over the top.

Pull myself up,

and it feels good to be

on the solid face of the Earth.

Under the sky

and exhilarated.

Walk to the edge.

Look down

at the cliff I climbed.

There is pride,

but there is also


The whole point of this,

was not to reach

these heights

so I could stay.

No way.

This was all about

one big leap of faith.

Short run,

and then,

I am in the air.

Let go

for a moment,

of everything

except gravity.



DJR – 2021

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