Side Quest


Time to put away

the games that we play

that are just an escape

from a world that makes us afraid.

It was fun, but now it’s late,

the enemy is at the gate

and we’re not ready for the day

we’re lost on a false crusade.


Trading away


for simulated experience,

is the best trick

the hive

ever played.

If you can believe

that a life

in a screen

is the same,

then you’ll believe anything.


Turning away, now

from any adversary.

Running away from

any kind of growth.

Backing down

from every

physical challenge

is not how

this should go.


You think

that this life

doesn’t really matter,

so it might as well

be all about you.

You’re just helping

to enslave

your mother,

your father

and your daughter

and there’ll

be nothing you can do,


you made yourself

a soft enemy.



HG – 2021

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