I can’t find my blue.

Used to think

that it was in you.

Such a strange thing to misplace,

when I see your face, now

I see we’re missing a hue.


There used to be red here,

right here,

beside my love and all over my fear.

How does one misplace

such an important shade?

So odd that it would disappear.


This whole place used to be green,

garden grown wild,

fecundity obscene,

but now I turn around

and it’s like someone turned down

all of the colors on the screen.


Yellow used to shine

bright in the morning time.

These patio chairs,

those flowers over there


just a cold outline.


The colors are bleeding out;

not sure why,

or where they’re gone.

It’s getting to be so

I don’t want to go

outside to face the dawn.


My whole world is grey

and I’m starting to feel afraid

that it’s going to lose its soul,

everything is growing cold

and soon Winter will come to stay.


The only color that remains

is the crimson in my veins

and soon I’m gonna paint

all my fears away

and leave my colors in yesterday.



HG – 2021

One thought on “Colorless

  1. Nice piece and unfortunately I think way too many people are starting to see the world the way your descriptive words do. There are a lot of depressed people since Covid hit and it looks like we may have another round. Hope you have a blessed weekend and that your green and reds stay bright my friend. Love, Joni ❤️❤️

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