Cautionary Tale


Use caution here.

This isn’t the place it once was.

It’s become dangerous,

like high tide

ocean at night.


Places where we used to play,

now come with cautionary tales.

Things we used to say,

now make you enemies

and these travails,

are only the beginning;

they’re trying to drown

the babies in the well.


We had words for this before,

but I don’t remember them.

Step lightly here,

they’ve booby-trapped the way

by leaving strings tied to grenades,

trip wires and pits with sticks

that they sharpened all their days,

just waiting for some unwary soul

to go astray

and fall prey to their little game.


Be careful out there.

Arm yourself with facts

and fight back hard

if you’re attacked.

They’re only brave

from a distance

and when confronted

they collapse.


These used to be

our neighbors and our friends,

but it was said that it would be

this way before the end.



and separation.

We were told

this is part of the conclusion.

There are still some

who must be saved.

As many as we can

rescue from this insane world;

we have an obligation.


Keep your head up

and wits about you.

The places where we used to play

have become stages they parade

the doomed to execution

and put them on display.

So strange,

that it had to be this way.



HG – 2021

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