The Tomorrow Kind


Putting it all together

better than we were,

but never a perfect picture,

struggling to get it through.

I heard you ask a question,

didn’t have an answer,

didn’t mention it was here,

I just hadn’t learned the lesson,

but, I d learn it all over for you.


I think it’s safe to say

that who we were

didn’t make the grade.

We changed and moved away,

but ghosts of our opponents stayed.


I hope that we can find

the tomorrow kind of mind.

A place we have never been;

a tomorrow kind of being.


I took off my coat

and you took off your shoes,

and we walked a mile,

or two into our interlude.

We smiled at the folks

behind the glass,

waiting for the time to pass.

We keep seeking answers

to the questions that we asked.



HG – 2021

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