Just One Time


A perfect picture

in my mind.

Always looking at the sky.

Always watching the stars

wondering where you are,

or if you’re just in my mind.


Nothing seems to pacify

my curiosity sometimes,

saw you once

for just a moment,

now I can’t

get past that line.


Watching out for you.

Keeping a light on.

Eyes on the heavens,

waiting forever.

I’m sure I remember

you being there,

but now I think

I see you



Out of the corner of my eye.

Just a moment

and you’re gone.

Were you ever

really there,

or am I just going on

and on,

and on,

waiting on fantasies?


Felt your embrace

just one time.

Can’t get you

out of my mind.

Held me close

when I was dying.

So afraid

to say good-bye.


It was only

that one night.

At least

that’s all I can define.

Were you there,

or was it my

imagination running wild?


I still feel you

in the dark.

A memory

of something warm.

A love that I

had never known,

and now I feel it

in my bones.


Were you really there,

or am I

telling myself

pretty lies?

Am I trying

to get through

this time,

without losing my

everything inside?


Shadows on the wall,

voices in the dark,

a glimpse of something far,

embraced with all my heart.

You came along and I

am no longer alone,

no longer just me,

or am I just dreaming?

I guess we’ll see.



HG – 2021

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