Dancing Skeleton


Your lips don’t speak

what your eyes say.

Your body tells me

you’re afraid.

but your fingers tell me



There’s no hiding in there,

the way you cut your hair,

the clothes you wear,




I can read you

like the cover

of the New Review

and there’s not much in this issue.


Tell me a story,

share a dream.

Let me hear you sing,

or will you scream?

Or is your voice

just a bridge

for the idiots

to spew their garbage?


Is there really a “you”

in there?

So sanitized,

so unaware.

We gave you every means

to express a human being,

but you just show us

you don’t care.


So, now we turn the page.

Rage and hate.

Sure, we get it.

What will you replace

all the things

that you’re upset with?


There’s more to this

than memes and causes.

You’re still alive

and all this hardship

never goes away.

It only gets more lonely

when you court decay,

and your perfect

purchased personality’s



Brace for the wave.

It’s coming to wash

all of your problems away.

Who will you be then?

Just a dancing skeleton,

in a video





HG – 2021

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