Birth Genesis


Floating in

the only dark I’ve known.

Unaware of even my own existence.

Comforted and carried in

this, all encompassing emptiness.

No reason to think that there

is anything outside of this,

no time, or space, or consciousness;

reality won’t bear another.


Then, there’s a light.

A single point

and the moment I see it

I am aware of space

and time,

because it is far away

and getting larger.

It takes a little while

before I realize

it’s getting closer,

gaining momentum,

until I am flying

faster than I

ever thought possible.


The light is getting brighter,


and I am terrified.

I open my mouth

to cry out,

as the light engulfs me;

and just like that,

I am outside,

and the only sounds I hear

are my own screams.


A place of light.

It hurts my eyes.

Keep them closed.

Sensations flooding in

and I am cold.

This is the first time

I have felt anything

other than warm,

and comforted,

and safe.


I am outside

and as my cries subside,

I open my eyes

and am blind,

only for a moment.


comes into focus.

The sky,

the trees,

and there are beings here,

smiling at me,

welcoming me

to this strange, new place.


Sensations everywhere,

inside me,

and outside me.

I’m feeling everything,

and thinking always.

Not sure how I escaped

the place I was,

it seemed so convincing,

but this new world is real.

I can tell by how it feels.


Becoming something

more than what I was.

Feel the embrace

of my Mother,

know the love of my Father.

Under a new sun

I will grow

and live

each new experience.

Here I am, now.

Home, for now.



HG – 2021

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