Open me up,

like daylight

wakes the sunflower.

I have been asleep,

dreaming of strange places.


I thought for a while

that I was trapped inside

one of those old books

you used to read to me.

Now, I am awake

and I see

that the world

is so much stranger

than what I remember.


When did it change?

When did the lie

replace the truth?

When did we lose

our way?

I remember yesterday.

So many good days.

I remember Sun

and sky,

I remember bright morning light

and then,

I remember a war;

planes falling out of the sky.


I remember blood.

I remember fire.

I remember closing my eyes

and wishing

that the drugs,

and the booze

and the pills

would take it all away.


Now, I am awake;

a sunflower,

turning its face

to the Sun.


Big stretch,

towards the light

and wonder,

why I survived

to be alive

in such a strange time.


Maybe you made me

with a purpose?

Maybe you saved me

for such a strange time

as this,

because I would be

perfect for it?


the stories

In those old books

were lessons.



HG – 2021

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