Don’t Bury Me


Don’t bury me yet;

I’m not dead.

I still have a heartbeat

and the normal number

of holes in my head.

Sure, I might be broken,

but I’ll heal.

My skin might be burned,

but I still feel,

and even though

I’ve failed

until now,

I’m still learning how.


There’s still some hope

for me.

I don’t care if you see it,

we don’t have to agree.

I just have to believe it.

I’ll do what I want,

my grave’s that achievement,

but I have come so far

I hope I won’t need it,



It’s so hard to forget

who I am,

and where I came from.

I am more than my mistakes,

my sum,

more than my income.

My life,

more than my outcome.

From this bad day,

to that one.

I’ll keep reaching for the stars,

until I grab one.


Don’t bury me yet.

Don’t discard me.

Don’t have a funeral,

have a party.

Leave me to fix

my problems.

I’ve got so much more

to offer.

I’ll make it,

I promise.


I’m sorry if I

make it awkward,

but I won’t apologize

for living.

I’ve come this far

falling upward,

as if all our sins

are forgiven.



HG – 2021

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