Picking paths

in our infinite continuum.

It all seems so clear

from this side.

So easy to decide

in the flow state,

then we hit

a little turbulence

and we start tumbling.



all that momentum

that was carrying us forward

with such grace and efficiency

becomes a catastrophic,

uncontrolled transit.

We are no longer in control,

no longer able to choose a path.


Bewildered by our new circumstances,

as we’re turned around

and battered against the walls,

we miss doors we would have taken,

choices we would have made,

exits leading to places

we hoped we would end up.



we smooth out our course again,

but now, we are much further

down the timeline.

We pass new doors,

branches and tributaries,

but these are all

off-ramps to the unknown.


We might be too scared,

or angry,

or ashamed

to even make a choice, now.

Everything seems lost;

our life wasted.

One of those exits

might lead to somewhere

better than we could imagine,

while another could lead

to even darker places.


We start to fear

the fallout of our own choices,

conceding to a slow, quiet,

meaningless existence

in the continuum.

This is the trap

that many find themselves in;

stuck in the mainstream,

afraid to deviate from the known.


Take a chance,

make a choice,

change course.

This ride ends the same way

for all of us,

we might as well

see what’s out there,

because the continuum

goes on forever.



HG – 2021

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