Come from

a language of lies,

try to see the truth,

much less speak it.

Won’t even know it

if we hear it.

We’ve been taught

to fear it,

treat it like a secret,

precious few

see through the bullshit,


Most of us believe it,

eat it,

need it

to validate our being.

Without it we are nothing;

a lie under construction.

There’s something so disgusting

about telling us

we’re free to be

who we are,

but then stealing

our identities from us,

and replacing them

with problems

that only obedience

will solve.


It’s becoming obvious

there’s engineering going on

on what used to be

our organic farm.

Someone’s deciding

whether what we think

is right or wrong

and we all know

how the rest of this goes down.


Found out

we were all told

the truth

in the stories,

but then it was buried

in lies and ridicule,


becomes the letter

of the law.


Are our thoughts

even ours


or have we been



Are we still




HG – 2021

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