Herd Immunity


Inside you and me,

maybe a little more

in you than me.

So insane

we’ve gone too far

to see

each other

eye to eye.

Both of us

are going to die,

but one of us

is going to say we were right.


Holding the switch

from the bottom

and giving an inch,

it was never a problem,

but solving the one

that we’re on

is a long gone


We’re here

and we’re already

off on

another crusade

to divide

and live on the inside

the fear in our minds

starts to peel off our outside.


We secretly need

to feel safe from the fearsome

and we’ll give up anything

just to be near someone

who can make

all the monsters

go away;


when they run through our veins.

There’s safety in numbers,

but we’re all alone

inside our brains.


Threats are everywhere

and we just want to be safe.

Little do we know

division is our weakest link.

Neighbor to neighbor,

father to son,

mother to daughter;

it has begun.

Immune to reason,

each and everyone.

Fail to comply,

the soldiers will come.


Race against race,

and belief against naught.

we only parrot

the things we are taught.

We’ve known this forever,

but we forgot

the lessons we learned,

and the lives that they cost.


Am I safe from you?

Are you safe from me?

Which one of us

stands accused

of lacking herd immunity?


Together we could survive,

anything that tries

to take our lives,

but we take a side.


We love to wave our flags,

and we love to back out team,

and the whole world goes black

and all we hear are screams.

I didn’t think

we’d ever need

a stronger vaccine

that make human beings

see each other clearly.

We need each other

more than any of us

can imagine.



HG – 2021

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