Space Walk


Making it past

everything that’s held you back.

The past is that

and nothing more.

Looking out

on an infinite space

and holding your breath

with one hand on the door.


Breaking the airlock

and feeling

the last bit of security

between you

and forever,

no  longer protects you

and you don’t

even step,

you float

across the threshold

and out

into open space,



This is it.

No up, no down.

Choosing directions

is all up to you, now.

You realize

that one step

to come aboard

might be your last.

What is around you

doesn’t even resemble

where you’ve come from.


You can be out here

as long as you’re

supplied with oxygen.

There’s a choice

to be made,

go back,

or stay.

One way you die,

the other way

you die a little slower.


Take in

the stars,

the view

and your home

white and blue

and all the people

who care about you.

One last look

and make the choice.

Your journey,

your joy.



HG – 2021

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