False Face



it all comes clear,

no more confusion,

or feeling the fear.

Well, maybe a little fear.

It’s always there,

if your aware.


Finding focus,


these days is more


and onerous,


than it used to be.


Stuck on our own

little islands,

so far part

and we

refuse to cede

our ideologies.


I see

my failures here,

are many,

and I’m not gonna lie

and say it’s over.

Such an interesting thing

to watch my own thoughts



I see me

and I’m stricken

with horror,

because my illusions

are gone.


And then,

I see you

fretting about

the false face

that you put on.



I wish I were blind,

but there is no

going back in time.

Faced with this

second sight,

I’ll live for a while,

I’ll do what I can

with clarity.



HG – 2021

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