Statue of Decay


I didn’t sell my soul

to get revenge,

not even against my friends

who slipped a knife or two

between my ribs;

all this time I’ve been trying

to forgive.


Some call me foolish

with my battle scars,

feet nailed to the floor

and reaching for the stars,

but Heaven is wherever you are.

Turns out you’ve had it hard

and Hell isn’t that far.


I tried to make a monument

to pain,

but I didn’t have the blood

to coat the paint.

Tears just washed all my work away,

so hard to celebrate

my statue of decay.


I looked up to the sky

and spoke your name,

but all the sounds I made

came out the same.

A wailing song

of regret and pain.

Wish I had it all to do

over again.



HG – 2021

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