Hammer of The Gods


The beating of my heart,


I’m not supposed to think about it,

but I feel it,


connection to you.


Cut my string,

and I will stop

and I will fall.

Not sure the mechanism

that keeps us on,

but I am here

and my heart is beating.

I am strangely aware of it.


Touch me,

speak my name,

let me catch your eye


and I am standing

on a cliff

ready to fall.


Wake me up

from this dopamine dream

with a kiss

and I am now aware

of everything I’ve done

and all that I am.


I feel my heart

beating in my chest.


like a hammer of the gods.

Can I contain

this much energy,

this much life

before my string breaks?


I feel the limits,

the jagged edge

of reality,

and sanity,

as I just try to breathe.


There you are,

perfect in your symmetry.

A guide,

a light to bring me home.

You smile

takes away


and I’m not even


of my heart beat.



HG – 2021

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